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Over the last 18 years, I’ve led systems change initiatives for a governor’s advisory council (both Republican and Democrat administrations in Minnesota), a multimillion dollar funders collaborative, and a network of 30+ communities around the country.

I’ve worked with hundreds of nonprofits and many local governments on issues like poverty, unemployment, education, transportation and criminal justice. I’ve also had the opportunity to lead grant initiatives funded by some of the country’s biggest philanthropies, like Ballmer Group and JPMorgan Chase.

But, in 2021, I burned out.

So, I quit my six-figure job and re-designed my life.

Now, I run a small advisory firm for leaders strategically reducing poverty and other social problems in their own local communities. I also create digital products focused on problem solving skills and increasing impact.

bryan lindsley

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I love trying to systematically improve complex social problems with smart, thoughtful people of all backgrounds.

If you’re considering one-one-one coaching or hiring me for strategic advice on a systems change initiative, let’s connect for a short consultation.

I’m also a serial collaborator. If you have an idea for how we could work together, or want to me to speak on your podcast or to your team, shoot me an email.

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“Bryan is solid systems change leader. His ability to engage in thought partnership on how to think about complex problems was critical to our systems change work.”

michelle wilson
Michelle Wilson, EdDDirector of Evaluation and Learning, National Fund for Workforce Solutions

“Bryan was a pleasure to work with. I found him to be a strategic thinker and a professional committed to system change as well as developing a system that would address the needs of most marginalized community members. His tireless and visionary leadership on solving complex problems is contagious and indispensable.”

rassoul dastmodz
Rassoul Dastmodz, PhDPresident and CEO, PIVOT4Change Consulting

“Bryan was instrumental in driving systems change. The data insights he brought forward were very powerful. His leadership and talent as a true collaborative partner was invaluable.”

deb broberg
Deb BrobergExecutive Director, RealTime Talent

Bryan’s leadership enabled our funder collaborative to change state-level policies and funding practices. He helped us to continually adapt to the political and economic context, while also challenging us to learn from the lived experiences of the people we aimed to help. I appreciated his sense of how to advance systems-change strategies in complex and changing environments.”

joel luedtke
Joel LuedtkeProgram Director, Minneapolis Foundation

“I personally enjoyed working with Bryan as he brought a very rigorous and practical approach to problems that often seemed insurmountable. His leadership and systematic approach helped us to develop strategy and viable solutions.”

navjeet singh
Navjeet SinghConsultant

“Working with Bryan has been impactful for my personal leadership. He is an excellent listener. We worked at my pace, but he also nudged me toward my goals when needed. He has a keen ability to develop personalized leadership strategy that is clear, focused and nimble.”

ling becker
Ling BeckerDirector of Workforce Solutions, Ramsey County

“Bryan is an amazing thought partner and coach. He supported us through a complex systems change project, offering invaluable insights and practical tools for strategic problem analysis and action planning. His thoughtful and encouraging approach has made our endeavors more successful as we grapple with the long-haul work of enabling diverse stakeholders to collaborate and change interrelated practices for greater impact.”

linda dworak
Linda DworakDirector, Baltimore Workforce Funders Collaborative

“I’ve enjoyed working with Bryan. He is a strategic thinker and leader. Over the years I’ve seen his passion, expertise and leadership make a huge impact with change initiatives that have made our community stronger.”

Laura Beeth
Laura BeethVice President Human Resources – Workforce Partnerships, Fairview Health Services

“Bryan’s leadership in helping our organization address complex social and structural impediments to improved workforce development contributed significantly to our members’ successes in regions around the country. Our team thoroughly enjoyed working with and learning systems changes strategies from Bryan.”

fred dedrick
Fred DedrickFormer President and CEO, National Fund for Workforce Solutions

Bryan’s work is transformative. He expertly uses work tools to encourage teamwork between big systems, driving them to tasks, goals and results. Getting to results is all about work tools that guide teamwork. Call on Bryan Lindsley for those.”

mike christenson
Mike ChristensonVarious roles, Hennepin County

“Bryan’s focused leadership for our funders collaborative brought forward critical data analysis that we used to methodically assess our direction and progress. His ability to analyze complex systems and target strategic change opportunities helped us add value and shift public will.”

Eric Muschler
Eric MuschlerDirector of Housing and Health Equity, The Greater Minnesota Housing Fund

“It was a privilege to work and learn with Bryan. He is an excellent thought leader, facilitator and educator with deep experience supporting system improvement, planning and assessment efforts.”

andrea ferstan
Andrea FerstanVice President of Systems Innovation, Center for Economic Inclusion

My services

Strategic Advising

Moving from ho-hum change initiatives to transformational impact.


Helping leaders create a personalized plan to achieve what’s most important.

Video Training

Teaching how to get meaningful results faster and with fewer resources. Coming soon.


Making consistent and lasting progress on the toughest social problems.