My services

Solutions For Transformational Impact

Pragmatic approaches to complex social problems that help you make better decisions and achieve results

Consulting & Coaching

Leading a project or supporting you 1-on-1

Strategic Advising

Helping you develop and execute strategy

Team Training

Teaching your staff how to collectively problem-solve

Why choose me

Years of experience and content expertise at your service


I’ve worked in and for nonprofit, state and local government, and the philanthropic sector. I also have a lot of experience with funder collaboratives, cross-sector partnerships, systems change and Collective Impact initiatives.

bryan lindsley


I’m a problem-solver at heart with a range of skills and tools to get the job done. I have expertise in strategic planning, systems thinking and systems change, data and analytics, grant-making, evaluation, policy-making, lobbying and coalition-building.


Most of my career has been spent working on social problems related to poverty and community development. Some of the issues I’ve worked on in the past include but are not limited to education and training, workforce development, government programs and policy, and economic and community development.

Solving your problems

You are my focus. I take a client-centered approach built around your needs. My process is designed to help you get to the bottom of really tough issues so you can make good decisions and achieve long-term results.

My Process

It starts with a conversation…let’s connect for a short video call so that I can learn more about your exact needs and how I might be able to help.

If the call goes well, let’s schedule a follow-up meeting and get to work.