Lasting Results For Complex Problems: an online course for nonprofits, government and philanthropy

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What if you developed the exact skills needed to solve complex social problems today…and you could increase your impact day after day?

Lasting Results For Complex Problems is the online course designed for nonprofit, government and philanthropy professionals where you’ll learn to understand the characteristics of complex problems, create a model of your specific social problem, and discover systemic ways to make a positive impact.

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“Bryan is an amazing thought partner and coach. He supported us through a complex systems change project, offering invaluable insights and practical tools for strategic problem analysis and action planning. His thoughtful and encouraging approach has made our endeavors more successful as we grapple with the long-haul work of enabling diverse stakeholders to collaborate and change interrelated practices for greater impact.”

Linda Dworak, Director of the Baltimore Workforce Funders Collaborative

linda dworak

The problem is right there…poverty, homelessness, crime, unemployment, or whatever tough issue you’re trying to solve.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a veteran changemaker, the reality is:

Now more than ever, having the right mindset and tools to understand complex problems – their exact characteristics and phenomenology – is the most important asset you can have to make a difference.

But, like many of the practitioners I’ve worked with across the country, you might have trouble gaining a deep understanding of the problem and what is the best way to influence it.

If that’s the case – Lasting Results For Complex Problems is the roadmap you need to get results and start solving the problem.

Are you ready to develop a system thinking mindset, gain the skills to solve complex problems, build a model of your exact problem as it exists in your community, and start implementing systemic solutions?

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“Bryan was a pleasure to work with. I found him to be a strategic thinker and a professional committed to system change as well as developing a system that would address the needs of most marginalized community members. His tireless and visionary leadership on solving complex problems is contagious and indispensable.”

Rassoul Dastmodz, PhD, President and CEO of PIVOT4Change Consulting

rassoul dastmodz

By the End of This Program,
You’ll Have Mastered:

Fundamental characteristics of
complex problems

so you’re gaining a deep understanding of what’s happening and how best to influence it.

How to create a model of a complex problem

that is interactive and makes your assumptions (and those of others) explicit

Systemic solutions

and how they empower local actors to increase their agency and start solving the problem

Complex problem solving skills

that allow you to take action that leads towards improvement or problem resolution.

Running “what-if” scenarios of potential solutions

so you can understand the system-wide implications of any given intervention

The confidence to lead

and make sure that what you’re doing is making a positive difference

And most importantly…

Lasting Results For Complex Problems will give you the skills, strategy and resources that will allow you to confidently take on the toughest and most important social problems – and make a real difference in the lives of individuals and your community as a whole.

Lasting Results For Complex Problems will transform how you solve the problem

Join the waitlist to be notified when this course opens for enrollment. Enrollment is limited.

What People Say About Bryan

Real-world experience leading change for non-profits, government and philanthropy

“Bryan is solid systems change leader. His ability to engage in thought partnership on how to think about complex problems was critical to our systems change work.”

michelle wilson
Michelle Wilson, EdDDirector of Evaluation and Learning, National Fund for Workforce Solutions

“I’ve enjoyed working with Bryan. He is a strategic thinker and leader. Over the years I’ve seen his passion, expertise and leadership make a huge impact with change initiatives that have made our community stronger.”

Laura Beeth
Laura BeethVice President Human Resources – Workforce Partnerships, Fairview Health Services

“Bryan’s focused leadership for our funders collaborative brought forward critical data analysis that we used to methodically assess our direction and progress. His ability to analyze complex systems and target strategic change opportunities helped us add value and shift public will.”

Eric Muschler
Eric MuschlerDirector of Housing and Health Equity, The Greater Minnesota Housing Fund

It was a privilege to work and learn with Bryan. He is an excellent thought leader, facilitator and educator with deep experience supporting system improvement, planning and assessment efforts.

andrea ferstan
Andrea FerstanVice President of Systems Innovation, Center for Economic Inclusion
groupthink and virtue-signaling for complex social problems

What’s Inside Lasting Results For Complex Problems?

Step 1


  • Get started (or refresh) your understanding of the problem with the fundamentals of complexity theory 
  • Move past the frustration of one-size-fits-all solutions by developing complex problem solving skills
Step 2


  • Never guess where to start when it comes to understanding a complex social problem – know exactly what to do and when to do it when you join Lasting Results For Complex Problems
  • Go from just talking about the problem to understanding it – follow my step-by-step plan to structure the problem, model it, test it, and solve it.
Step 3


  • Develop a model of the problem and calibrate it with stakeholder input and empirical research
  • Run  “what if” simulations to understand how different interventions change the system as a whole
  • Get started problem modeling in as little as 20 minutes
Step 4


  • Say goodbye to fruitless group meetings that don’t result in a deeper understanding of the problem
  • Learn processes that manage the problem over time by empowering local stakeholders to act in their best interest
Weekly office hours with your teacher

Live office hours every week

  • Sometimes you just need to ask the teacher a question. That’s why I host weekly Zoom calls only available to current students. Get your questions answered and learn from the questions of other students.
  • Can’t wait for office hours? Schedule a private 1:1 call with Bryan. This exclusive, free consultation, is only available to current students.
bryan lindsley
Working with students is my favorite part of the job!

Start solving a new problem (or improve an existing initiative)

  • Whether you’re starting to solve a new problem or want to revamp your existing Systems Change or Collective Impact initiative, here we’ll review the anatomy of complex social problems and the approaches best suited to solve them – so you can get started immediately
  • You’ll discover what you need to know to get set up and learn about your problem with ease (and with the right tools so you don’t get stuck)

Imagine the Possibilities

Here’s the list of what you’ll get if you pre-enroll during this limited time period:

The 7-step framework

to take you from just getting started all the way to making a big impact

A library of “how-to” videos

where you’ll get everything you need to create a model of your problem and run “what-if” scenarios

The definitive checklist

of complex problem characteristics and complex problem-solving skills so you can co-explore the problem with stakeholders

Real-world examples

of systemic solutions so you can learn about successful implementation

Get the skills to make lasting impact day after day

This is an entire 7-week course that costs less than a few hours of consulting.

I’m giving you the chance to enroll today for just…

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What other students have asked before enrolling

The course is designed for anyone who wants to better understand complex social problems and how to effectively influence them.

Whether you’re a nonprofit leader, director or program officer at a foundation, corporate social responsibility officer, legislator or policy maker, government agency worker, educator or organizer, activist, or just a concerned citizen who wants to strengthen the community, this course is for you.

To ensure that each student’s needs and interests are met, each student will focus on one complex social problem of their choice for course activities.

This 7-week course is entirely online, but it features a hybrid learning model.

  1. Video lectures. Asynchronous and self-paced lectures. You can learn on-demand. Most students take about 7 weeks – you can choose to do it faster or slower.
  2. Assignments and activities. Learn by doing. You will complete a range of worksheets and tools tailored to your specific complex problem.
  3. Weekly office hours with Bryan and your cohort of students. These are synchronous video-based discussions with Bryan and your small cohort of peers. This is a great time to ask questions, learn from colleagues, and be part of the larger community discussion about complex problem solving. NOTE: If office hours don’t fit your schedule, you can meet 1:1 with Bryan to make sure all your questions get answered and you get the support you need.

Lasting Results For Complex Problems is self-paced. This means you can work on it for as many or few hours as your schedule allows.

Generally, students should plan to spend about 30 minutes watching the lessons each week, in addition to another 2-3 hours on course reading and activities. On this schedule, the course takes approximately 7 weeks to complete.

But guess what?

Once you start Lasting Results For Complex Problems, you won’t want to stop. You’ll find that the work energizes you. Once you build an interactive model of your problem, you’ll want to talk with peers and colleagues about it every day. You’ll be excited to start the next modules.

If anything, you’ll want to work ahead and start completing the course activities EARLY! That’s because the process is fun. You’ll find that with Lasting Results For Complex Problems you truly enjoy trying to learn more about the problem and how you can be successful.

Lasting Results For Complex Problems is about the roadmap needed to solve complex social problems.

It’s for people who are just getting started as well as veteran changemakers who feel that their work is stagnating, and want to quickly master the basics of understanding complex social problems.

If you’re not currently working on a complex social problem – don’t worry! Included in the program is a Square One module that will walk you through a sample problem.

Unless you’ve already solved your problem, Lasting Results For Complex Problems will be your indispensable guide for success.

Wait a second. You haven’t even started yet! Problem modeling can seem daunting, but it’s not. Lasting Results For Complex Problems has simple, easy to follow instructions for how to start. 

In fact, at the beginning of problem modeling, you don’t use any software at all. Just pencil, paper and your mind. Most of modeling is thinking, and I know you can do that.

Once you get into the software, you’ll have super detailed step-by-step instructions to follow. You don’t have to create the perfect model instantly and that’s not really what it’s all about anyway.

One task at a time you’ll refine the model and start gaining insight. By following the modules and the doing course activities in order, you’ll gradually become a world-class complex problem solver.

I am totally convinced that Lasting Results For Complex Problems will help you become a master of complex problem solving. If you do all the modules and complete all course activities, then I promise you will gain essential knowledge, skills and abilities.

If you can show me that you’ve done all the coursework but don’t feel that it has been valuable to you, please reach out to me and I’ll give you a 100% refund.

All of Lasting Results For Complex Problems content is downloadable, meaning you can save the lessons onto your computer, so you will always have access to it. Anytime, anywhere.

Unlike simple problems and puzzles that can be solved, complex social problems have no unique “correct” answer. They are characterized by differing views amongst stakeholders of what the actual problem is and what would constitute a solution. In addition, they are themselves composed of constituent interrelated problems. Finally, learning about complex social problems is difficult because data about the problem is often missing or incomplete.

Here are some example issues that manifest complex social problems.

  • Poverty
  • Crime and policing
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Transportation
  • Immigration
  • Climate change
  • Education and training
  • Unemployment
  • Drugs and addiction

If your problem is complex, hard to understand or difficult to solve, Lasting Results For Complex Problems is the right tool for you.

Are you ready to tackle the only thing between you and real impact – complex problem solving skills? Invest in yourself today and make a real difference. It starts here!

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If you still can’t decide or you aren’t 100% convinced, keep reading…

Give Lasting Results For Complex Problems a 30-day risk-free try if any of the following captures how you feel about making the world a better place:

You’re just getting started trying to solve a problem and you want to make sure you get it totally right the first time

by using a flexible approach tailored to complex social problems

You’re motivated by gaining a deep understanding of the problem and how to solve it

because you know that the right knowledge can help you succeed where others have failed

You want better results with fewer resources in less time.

There are good alternatives to expensive consultants and years-long stakeholder meetings.

You’ve been trying to solve a social problem for a long time but the problem isn’t getting better (or is even getting worse)

…and holding the same-old meetings that aren’t making progress is dominating all of your time

You’re excited to try modeling the problem and running “what-if” scenarios.

You’re currently feeling a wave of renewed hope, knowing that in a short time you can be thinking about the problem in an entirely new way

You feel assured knowing you have 30 days to try it out.

You do the work over four weeks, and if you show me that you did the work and it didn’t help, I give you a 100% refund.

Well…Are you ready to tackle problems like a complex problem-solving master that makes a tangible difference in the world?

You can now answer that question with conviction. Because when you sign up for Lasting Results For Complex Problems and start using the 7-step framework and problem modeling software, you’ll be a confident leader that can take strategic action on the toughest problems.

Let’s get started!

Join the waitlist to be notified when this course opens for enrollment. Enrollment is limited.

The best time is now!

It would be great if you already had the exact skills needed to understand and take action on complex social problems – especially in today’s world. If you’re feeling pessimistic or worried about the uncertainty of the world right now, that’s entirely reasonable. I am here to support you.

But, our problems can’t wait! I don’t believe there’s ever been a better time for you to amp up your problem-solving skills. Everything is changing quickly, and there’s more pressure than ever to do more with less. More people than ever are looking online for quick-fix solutions that may work in the short-term, but don’t deliver sustainable results. Some people may even be unintentionally contributing to the problem they are trying to solve.

After implementing what you’ll learn inside of Lasting Results For Complex Problems, you’ll have the foundation –  the right method and tools tailored to complex social problems – to build from. And you’ll have the confidence to lead.

Don’t wait another year or two – wondering what could have been – to get the skills you need to succeed. 

Progress on the hardest and toughest-to-solve problems is possible. I want to make sure you have the right mindset and tools to succeed, proud of the insight you’ve generated, and proud of your community’s progress on what had previously seemed intractable.

My best,


Bryan Lindsley 10

Let’s go change the world

Sign up for Lasting Results For Complex Problems today.

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